Radiocube Home I (Demo)

Radiocube Home I (Demo) 2.5

Radiocube Home I (Demo) builds a list of sound files to be played on schedule
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Radiocube Home I lets you build a list of sound files that it will play on schedule.
This way, you will be able to program songs, advertisements, or any other sound to be played at precise hours. You can schedule hours of music and speech, Radiocube will play all the titles in sequence. You can even prepare all the themes that you want to play at a party, save the playlist,connect your computer to an amplifier and let it control all the music, while you are having fun.

Radiocube Home I can perform cross fades between songs, even with single channel sound cards. You can add songs simply by dragging them from a folder in your drives, and dropping them into the song list. Or you can add entire playlists you have created. The program will automatically add the songs in sequence, calculating the playing time, and telling you exactly when will each song be played. You can use almost any sound or playlist format.

Once you have completed your playing list, you can launch it. The program will automatically adjust the schedule to the actual time.

The demo version has some limitations. You will not be able to change the name of your station, or the name of the company that operates it. A Radiocube jingle will sound between themes, and you will hear a voice saying "Radiocube" over any song being played. The program will close automatically after some minutes.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It has a lot of tools to play and mix your songs like a professional, yet it is very easy to use


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